Interview: High Fives, Homework Help and Spending ‘CY Bux’

By Diana Mai, City Year AmeriCorps Member serving at the Holland Elementary on the Harvard Pilgrim/PTC Team.

After almost eight months of service, most of us know all of our “Starfish” after-school students pretty well. However, there is one student in my homework room who I felt I could stand to know a little more about. During my conversation with Peter*, not only did I hear him gush about Minecraft, but I watched as he fell off his chair in total excitement! Read the interview below.

What’s your name and who’s your City Year corps member?

My name’s Peter and Mr. McCabe is my City Year corps member in class.

Peter, what’s one of your favorite things right now? (a book, video game, movie, etc.)

Minecraft! It’s a game where everything in the world is made of blocks and you use the blocks to build sandboxes or anything else you want! Monsters come out at night so you have to build something to protect yourself before that happens.

So what do you like about City Year?

That you guys help us in class every day, and that you give us high-fives every morning before school starts!

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What’s one thing City Year has helped you to accomplish?

I get all my homework done in after-school so I don’t have to worry about it when I get home.

That’s great! What’s your favorite part of the Starfish after-school program? And what makes it special to you?

It’s special because it’s different from other after-school programs I’ve been in. You guys have the City Year store in Starfish and I like that a lot. I get to spend the CY Bux I earn at the store on cool things like new lead pencils and googly-eye glasses. (Holds up his pair of googly-eye glasses)

Wow, I’m jealous. Which club have you enjoyed most in Starfish?

My favorite club so far is the new one I’m in right now. It’s the Science Club and last week, we made rockets! It was really just mixing two things together, alka-seltzer and water, but it made the biggest explosion in the canister and shot up this high! BOOM! (throws hands up and falls off chair)

That sounds like you’re learning a lot of new and exciting things in after-school clubs. What would you say is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far from a corps member or City Year in general?

To always do your best even if you don’t understand something. And to always ask someone for help!

* Name changed to protect privacy.

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