Valentine’s Day at the Agassiz School!

This image epitomizes just one of the many joyous moments that we have shared with our Starfish thus far!

This image epitomizes just one of the many joyous moments that we have shared with our Starfish thus far!

Returning to the Agassiz School after winter vacation, I was greeted by lots of smiling faces and a few determined fifth graders requesting a Starfish Valentine’s Party.  On Monday, after a few weeks of conferences with these fifth graders during various lunch buddies sessions, our event planning was gaining traction.  These meetings resulted in the creation of a long list of music requests and 5 engaging activities — thus, Valentine’s Day was finally here and our team was ready!

The party started with the usual Starfish snack, but quickly moved into a very special afternoon.  The first activity was a game involving the entire group of 60 third through fifth graders where each student was given half of a heart and then challenged to find their pair: the matching puzzle piece.  The students shuffled around trying to match their half with another student’s and seemed to really enjoy this challenge.

Following this activity we moved into the “stations” portion of the party.  The Starfish moved from one station to the next decorating cupcakes, limbo-ing, creating Valentine’s cards, and putting their accuracy to the test in the beanbag toss competition.

The Starfish enjoyed the activities and had the opportunity to return to their favorites once they had finished all of the stations.

At the cupcake-decorating table, students covered their cupcakes with heaping towers of bright pink frosting.  When a corps member would look away, students would try to sneak frosting into their mouths. However, this covert action was hard to maintain given their equally bright pink tongues.  One girl made and delivered a cupcake to the custodian who was working hard upstairs.

At the limbo station the students cheered every time the pole was lowered, and added a special move to the limbo skills, doing the “dougie” as they slipped underneath the pole.

At the arts and crafts station, students made cards for their parents.  With a special opportunity to use glitter, Grace Boal was on glitter patrol (a term we use in our third grade classroom), and taught students that more glitter is not always better.  The students left with beautiful, heartfelt cards.  Finally, at the heart-shaped beanbag toss, students wound up to make their big throws, aiming to get as many points as possible.

Although the day was comprised of simple activities, the Starfish left happy and thankful for the party.

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day at the Agassiz School!

  1. That sounds like a really exciting time. One of my favorite times in my class was during my student’s “friendship party” where I got to see them just be kids. I really love the idea of a Starfish event and maybe we can do something for St Pattys day, or April Fools day!

  2. Hmm…well, April Fools’ Day is on a Friday but doesn’t mean we couldn’t do an early surprise for our Starfish students that Thursday…or for our team that day

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