Thanksgiving in Boston!

By Jack Korpob, Comcast Team, serving at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School

Being away from home to do City Year Boston is hard for many people because it means being away from loved ones for extended periods of times. For me, living in Boston and the transition to a new locale has been easier then I had expected. But, seeing everyone go home was hard because I didn’t have that option. I could not fly home to California to visit friends and family for the holidays, so I spent the Thanksgiving holidays cooking a large feast and enjoying the company with two of my teammates on the Burke Team.

Thanksgiving with Burke Teammates: Tom, Raina, and Jack

What was really great about spending Thanksgiving with two of my teammates was sharing our favorite foods we would usually have back home. I cooked the traditional fare my family usually has during Thanksgiving, including turkey and ham. My teammate Raina Hall cooked a deliciously sweet carrot soufflé and an array of side dishes, and Tom Story brought over pumpkin and banana cream pie.

After a night of incredible bonding over amazing food that took about 7 hours to prepare, we performed the usual Thanksgiving tradition that the three of us share, which was napping.

I can look back and realize that we are more than just teammates or friends, but we are true family away from our real families back home.

That is something that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for?

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About Jack Korpob

I am a City Year Boston Corps Member for 2010-2011 proudly serving on the Comcast Team at the Jeremiah Burke High School. I am part of the Communications Coordinator-Social Media/Blog Working Group. I also serve on the City Year Boston Corps Council as a representative for the Burke Team.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Boston!

  1. I’m thankful for this blog is about this. It says a lot about the bonds you make with your teammates, which gradually, can become as close as family. And knowing the “Doing Work” at the Burke team, they do act/support like a close-knit unit–in and out of the school.

  2. I loved this post ~ and am thankful for it! The experience of cooking together and breaking bread is fundamental to building the beloved community! Thank you for sharing this ~ it made me hungry and happy!

  3. I love this post as well! I really like getting to see a personal view of the City Year Boston corps!

    • Thanks everyone! I appreciate the City Year community everyday and that I get to serve/work in a great environment where people appreciate each other daily and feel happy to serve another day! Nowhere I’d rather be than CYB!

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